The Story

It all started with a Christmas present.

Here is the original Instagram post to prove it: The post that started it all.

At Carved, we had been making some really beautiful Wood+Resin phone cases for a few years. For Christmas of 2017, Alex (our photographer) decided to surprise John (our founder) with a surprise present. He found a guy who makes Damascus blades, bought one, and figured out how to take our Wood+Resin material and make a knife handle from it.

The photo above is the very first knife ever made in our shop and it's still displayed proudly in John's home.

We took a quick photo of that knife and posted it on Instagram with the simple question, "Should we make more?".

Needless to say, the answer was a clear "yes". ...probably more accurately described as "H*LL YESSSS!!"

That single photo became our most liked photo ever in just a couple days, and had an insane amount of comments from people who wanted one for themselves.

So we dove into the R&D process.

We knew we wanted to use Damascus Steel for the blade, and we absolutely wanted this to be 100% American steel. It took us the better part of 6 months, just to find a shop that could produce blades at the quality (and quantity) we wanted.

There were a few things that we knew we wanted:

  • Our own custom design. The shop had to be capable of producing a brand new blade design from scratch.
  • A strong history of making Damascus steel. You don't just learn this craft overnight. We are wood shop guys, that doesn't mix too well with a forge, so we found a team with decades of experience making their own Damascus steel.
  • Capacity to produce a good quantity of knives for our customers. There is a delicate balance between quantity and quality. We wanted to be strict on quality but also needed someone who could produce enough knives so we could offer them to a lot of our customers.
  • We wanted an end product that we would be honored to pass on to our children. We want every knife that goes out our door to be something we are proud to put our name and signatures on.

We found a very talented, fantastic team of blade designers, makers, forgers, etc... and spent the next few months getting our design right, testing various prototypes and making sure our Wood+Resin material would work perfectly for the handles.

After almost a year of effort, we finally launched our first batch for sale on Wednesday, November 21. 

The response was insane.

Our two announcement posts almost doubled the response from our original one a year earlier! We got almost 10x the number of likes and comments we normally get. Those posts are here and here. We ran a quick contest that day to give away the first two knives from each batch.

We completely sold out batch #1 that day, and sold out batch #2 within the week. We are now working hard to get our production process steady so we can keep releasing new colors, new blade styles and new Damascus patterns.

Every knife we sell will be individually photographed and serial numbered. Your knife will be one of a kind and has been designed and made to last a lifetime.

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Thanks for being a Carved fan, you all make it possible for us to come to an amazing place to work every day and we appreciate you!


John Webber
Founder, Carved