Ancient Oak EDC Knife + Bracelet Bundle
!HERO1! Includes Pocket Knife + Bracelet
!HERO4! Only 100 available
!HERO2! Made with 2000+yr old Bog Oak

Ancient Oak EDC Knife + Bracelet Bundle

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Father's Day Exclusive
EDC Knife + Bracelet Bundle

Titanium handle, 440C Stainless Steel blade, 2000+yr old Bog Oak inlay. Limited Edition of 100. Every knife is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

Ancient Oak

The inlay is made from 2000+yr old Ukrainian Bog Oak. This wood has been submerged in a peat bog for centuries, slowly darkening and fossilizing. We take a chunk of this wood, slice it thin and stabilize it to strengthen it. The end result (after polishing and Tung Oil) is a beautiful, dark piece of wood we call "Ancient Oak".

Limited Edition

We have a very limited supply of this unique bog oak wood available. We made 100 Knife + Bracelet bundles and right now we have left.

Order today to make sure you get it in time for Father's Day.

Includes Pocket Knife + Bracelet
Made with 2000+yr old Bog Oak
Only 100 available